call now: 925-271-2137
call now: 925-271-2137

Your Livermore Handyman Team for Every Job, Every Time

Livermore CA handyman works on the front of a houseOur Livermore handyman team works hard to make your home repair and remodeling projects run as smoothly as possible by providing honest and up-front written quotes for each job. Once we've arranged a convenient appointment time, your handyman will show up at your home or business promptly and ready to work. In the off chance that we hit any snags during the job, we'll alert you immediately so you won't be faced with any surprise costs or hidden fees by the job's end.

garbage disposal repair in LivermoreWe believe in open communication, and we're always careful to keep our customers in the loop. If you want status updates and estimated times of completion while your job is in progress, don't hesitate to ask. When we're not on site, our customer service department is just a phone call away - they'll be happy to help you with any questions you may have during the off hours.

Unlike other handyman companies that may take days to return your calls, we strive to return each and every call in the shortest amount of time possible, because our ultimate goal is to give our customers peace of mind. Call us for all handyman services in Livermore, CA 94550 and 94551, and you'll see the difference. We work hard to satisfy each and every customer with quick, reliable, dependable, and long-lasting repairs, because we honestly believe that no job is truly finished until you're 100% satisfied with our work.

Your Livermore CA Handyman Strives for Excellence

We strive for excellence throughout our jobs, from the work performed to the professionalism of our technicians. We're not satisfied until you are, and we believe that customer satisfaction begins with superior customer service. With our Livermore, CA handyman team, you'll get 110% every time, because we bring our guiding values to every job.

If you're looking for home repairs in Livermore, installations in Pleasanton, remodels in Dublin, or any kind of handyman service in the Tri-Valley, we're the only number you'll ever need to call.

"My regular electrician wasn't returning my messages, so I called someone new. Since then, I've called Luke for six different jobs and he's never disappointed." - Lara B

guaranteed handyman services in Livermore California

"I was meant to touch up the paint on our garage door but all the rodeo stuff kept me busy for months. I should have just called a handyman from the get go." - Miles P

"We got a nice new painted wooden shed for about three months of storage unit rent, and now I don't have to drive to get my own stuff. Awesome!" - Krissy D

"We got back from the rodeo and the power was out. I thought it was the whole neighborhood, but nope - it was just our house. I didn't think I was going to get a hold of anyone over the weekend and my cousin had been partying to hard to drive over - let alone do anything about it. I got the number for Luke from my sister in law, and he was there in less than an hour. He got the thing fixed in about an hour and noticed one of our door knobs was loose while he was there. Long story short, he fixed about eight different things that we had just been putting off. Great guy and works hard."   - Thomas E

"The wiring in our garage was an absolute joke, but we didn't have the money to rewire the whole thing. Garage door broke? Call a guy out. Lights broke? Call a guy out. It was really getting to be a pain in my you-know-what.

About two months ago, the light outside the little door you use to get to the back yard blew out, so I called the regular guy - the electrician. Well, he didn't pick up, and I didn't hear back from him for two days. I finally got sick of it and called this handyman a friend told me about, and he was there that afternoon. I started bellyaching about the wiring, and, long story short, we negotiated a full rewiring for the garage. It was just a little more than half of the other bids, and two months later, everything is still running smooth." - John K