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 Prioritizing a Fix-It List with your Livermore Handyman Team

discussing home repairs in LivermoreWhen it comes time to give a little order to your home improvement, household repair, and regular maintenance list, it's easy to go in circles. It's usually better to devote more time and energy into critical repairs and upgrades, but even determining which tasks are critical can be a job itself. Your Livermore home repair expert is happy to give you a few tips that should help out when it comes time to get your home improvement and maintenance projects in order.

No matter what your living situation or money situation looks like, safety-related repairs should always come first. Faulty electrical wiring, a leaky roof, and broken smoke detectors may not seem very important next to the appliances and fixtures you use every day, but each can pose a serious health and safety risk to your family under the right conditions. Livermore masonry servicesThe failure of any of these critical systems can also contribute to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to your house. Just think of how much damage an extra five minutes of flooding, fire, or electrical overload could cause. By fixing what may seem like small annoyances, these safety-oriented repairs could prevent damages that cost tens of thousands - if not hundreds of thousands of dollars - to repair, while also preventing injury to you and your loved ones.

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Next on the list should be the small repairs and upgrades that can save your money on your utility bill, as well as replacing the "money pits" around your home. Replacing all of your older incandescent lights with energy efficient bulbs may not seem like the best use of your time and money, but by saving money each month on your energy bill you'll be able to afford lifestyle upgrades for your home, like designer fixtures and modern counter tops, that much sooner. The goal is to determine which upgrades and repairs can pay for themselves the fastest and to prioritize them first. Often the most overlooked upgrades, like proper weatherstripping and insulation, can cover their expenses the soonest. Replacing appliances and fixtures that require constant repairs and maintenance should carry the same weight on your list, for the same reasons.

handyman Livermore California repairing roofUntil fairly recently, utility costs were so low that no thought was given to energy conservation in home construction. Older houses often have inefficient wiring, poor insulation, and built-in appliances that were designed without any regard for your utility bills. Just by knowing which decade your house was built, our Livermore handyman contractors can help you determine the most likely built-in energy wasters in and around your home, allowing you to prioritize your list even faster.

If money is exceptionally tight, you may be in the market to sell your home. Focus your upgrades and updates on your kitchen and master bathroom, since potential buyers tend to fixate on these rooms. Granite counter tops are an easy way to add value to a home, as are matching, high-efficiency fixtures and appliances. Replacing decorative lighting fixtures with canned lighting is one of the easiest ways to open up a room with low natural lighting, or to give your space a more modern look. Curb appeal is also important - updating your front yard or touching up your exterior paint job can improve potential buyers' first impressions with comparatively affordable and noninvasive work.

If you still need help prioritizing your to-do list, call our Livermore, CA handyman team today. We'll help you make sense of it all by providing no-obligation estimates for every job your house may need.